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Fiche d'identité

  • Nom : Racing club de Lens

  • Date de création : 1906

  • Couleurs : Sang et Or

  • Statut : Société Anonyme du Sport Professionnel

  • Président du board : Gervais Martel

  • Siège : Centre technique et sportif de La Gaillette

  • Nom du stade : Bollaert-Delelis

  • Capacité du stade : 38 223 places

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youtube rclens youtube rclens youtube rclens
youtube rclens youtube rclens

In 1926, the football players of Lens opted for the famous colours, Spanish ones, red and yellow ones. Then, these colours were quickly nicknamed blood and gold. Both supporters and players identified to them. Was it the miners’ blood or the gold from their hearts, or some coal extracted with difficulty and courage and sometimes with blood? Anyway, the Racing club de Lens has become the club of blood and gold forever.


It dates back from 1979. It is composed of the colours of the club, of a miner’s lamp, of the weapons of the city of Lens, which in 1969 replaced “les Houillières” for the management of the club. In 2001, we added on the shirt “Depuis 1906” above the player’s name which reminds the date of creation of the club. It was improved in 2014.



Play home shirts – Season 2016/2017

Play away shirts – Season 2016/2017

Blood and Gold : historical background

After several changes of shirts during the first years, at the end of the year 1923, the Racing club de Lens adopted the definitive colours. One evening, while on a meeting, managers and players of the club went past the ruins of St Leger church of Lens. One of them noticed that those ruins were the last remains of the Spanish invasion. Spain!!!…

René Moglia

The colours of the arena. Red and yellow colours appealed immediately to the president of that time, René Moglia. Players cure the blood and the gold shirts for the first time in 1924, during the opening of the stadium.
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